So you’ve got an idea for the next big thing in value-added agribusiness... now what? Where do you start? Is it really a valid idea? Where do you set up shop? Should you worry about government rules and regulations? Where will you get the money to start?

Many new business ventures never get off the ground because the would-be entrepreneur gets too overwhelmed with decisions, details and red-tape to keep moving forward. Val-Add Service Corporation specializes in simplifying the start-up process from initial concept through to full production. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes and shapes across a variety of agriculture related disciplines to see their plans and dreams through to fruition.

It’s an ambitious project, but it’s your ambitious project and Val-Add is here to help.

"In addition to their own know-how and experience, Val-Add Services brings to the table a network of resources to find solutions and advance projects. Their team can help develop and flesh out the framework for a successful project. They are an integral part of our team."

Tim Bearnes,
Chairman, Laurel Biocomposite, LLC